Should Canada do a Uruguay on pot?

Uruguay is a small country trying a big experiment. The country of 3.3 million people, tucked between Brazil and Argentina, has legalized marijuana, a variation of the policy rather loosely articulated by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in Canada. Uruguay’s decision to legalize pot...

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Marijuana and Your Memory

Marijuana and memory are connected in a number of ways. It’s no secret that marijuana can affect a person’s memory. In today’s society, the stereotypical marijuana user is often perceived as someone who is forgetful and absent-minded. But what does science say, and...

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Substance-abuse centre calls for Canadian pot-policy review

The Health Canada-funded Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse is calling for a broad review of marijuana policy, including a closer look at the impact of legalization south of the border in Colorado and Washington. The centre says there is “momentum for policy change” when...

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Liberal CFO a pot multimillionaire

MONTREAL — Liberal Party of Canada CFO Chuck Rifici has become a multimillionaire in just a few months thanks to his stock-traded medical marijuana company, QMI Agency has learned. Documents show Rifici's initial investment in Tweed Marijuana Inc. has so far sprouted into an...

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