Licensed Producers

Currently, in Canada, there are 30 Licensed Producers (LP’s) registered under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), 23 of which are able to sell directly to patients. The ACMPR is a Federal program, so you can register with a producer of your choice in any province, regardless of the province you are residing in. The LP’s ship cannabis by mail order only, once you are a registered patient.

When selecting your Licensed Producer there are a few things you should consider:


  • If affordability is an issue, do they have strains that meet your budget?
  • Compare a few companies pricing structure and note the price differences between the same strain(s).
  • Does the LP cover shipping costs or do you bare the cost of shipping? If so, is there a flat rate?
  • What is their product return policy?
  • If you are covered through Veterans Affairs, does the LP bill VAC directly?
  • If your annual income is $30 K per year or less, does the LP offer a compassionate pricing program?
  • If you make your own edible formulations, do they offer shake at a discounted price?
  • Does the LP have incentives for new applicants?

Medical Cannabis Strains

  • Does the LP have strains that you can profile to your medical condition?
  • If you use medical cannabis for daytime relief, look for a selection of sativa dominant strains, as they are stimulating or hybrid strains (for high anxiety patients). If you use medical cannabis for nighttime relief, look for a selection of indica dominant strains as they are calming to the central nervous system.
  • If you suffer from inflammation or anxiety do they carry CBD enriched strains?
  • Does the company identify their products with traditional names? If you have been using cannabis for sometime, this may be important to you.
  • Does the company use gamma irradiation sterilization on their end product? If you are immunocompromised this may be important to you.

Customer Service

  • Does the LP have a customer care center?
  • Try contacting a few licensed producers to get a feel for their level of service. Did they call you back in a timely manner? Were they responsive to your email?
  • Are the company representatives knowledgeable enough to answer your questions?

Positive Experiences with LP’s

The Greenleaf Medical Clinic and have been working with patients since the MMPR came into effect in October of 2013. The first group of companies (Patient Favorites) listed below has a good selection of strains, good reviews of their products, great customer service and a wide range of pricing.

The secondary group of companies (Additional Licensed Producers) are still worthy of review and should be taken into consideration.


Patient Favorites


1(855) 473 – 5323


1(855) 558 – 9333


1(855) 638 – 8786


1(855) 420 – 7887


1(844) 546 – 3633

Emerald Health Botanicals

1(800) 757 – 3536


1(855) 794 – 2266


1(844) 928 – 7672

For all additional licensed producers please review here:

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