Medical marijuana use in cancer

Marijuana comes from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). Itis a mixture of dried and shredded leaves, stems, seeds and flowers. The main active ingredient in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana and substances that are made from it are called cannabinoids. You may wonder about using...

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Faces of Pot: Medical Marijuana User

Every morning Matt Mernagh wakes up feeling “tenderized,” as though his body has been pounded by a mallet all night. The first thing he does is turn on his vaporizer and fill the chamber with marijuana. He brushes his cat Penny Lane while he waits...

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Canadian Hospitals Prepare To Allow Medical Marijuana

Hospitals in Canada could soon see a spike in medical marijuana patients, and are in the midst of developing policies to accommodate them. With new medical marijuana rules set to take over by April 1st, Canadian health officials are predicting a major influx of...

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Medical marijuana producer could soon be on TSX

A group of Ottawa technology executives has made a bid to take prospective medical marijuana producer Tweed Inc. public. Tweed Inc. made headlines last year when it revealed it was buying the former Hershey’s plant in Smiths Falls, Ont. The Canadian company is awaiting...

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Nunavut is medical marijuana ready

Nunavut’s health department says nobody in the territory is currently prescribed legal medical marijuana, but there’s no policy against it. Medical marijuana is available everywhere in Canada under the federal government's "marijuana medical access program." Whether to write a prescription is up to each...

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