Group Sessions

Cannabis Follow Up Group Visits are 1.5 hours in duration and consist of 8-10 patients. These groups are lead by a medical cannabis specialist who will help reassess and individualize your; cannabis strain(s), dosage, methods (vaporization, oils etc), daily use, positive and negative effects, and any other issues. They will also address any supplier issues, and can assist you in switching producers if required. The physician will be in attendance for 45 minutes and will renew your cannabis authorization following the group session.

Groups provide a supportive and social environment for patients to learn from each others’ experiences and ask questions. You can share as little, or as much as you wish. You will learn and benefit from the discussion regardless of your level of participation. Please note, we do NOT cover medical conditions, personal details or employment, or specific prescription medications.

We see the vast majority of follow-up patients in a group setting as we have found this to be the most beneficial to our patients in terms of learning and support.

We remind patients that these groups provide a safe and contained space to share experiences and ask questions. We urge everyone to respect each others privacy and keep all personal information confidential. Learning points and general concepts, can of course, be shared.

Greenleaf Group Sessions – March 2018

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