Why you should vaporize your medical marijuana

Recreational cannabis users have long touted the virtues of vaporizing marijuana over smoking it. Now, a growing number of medical marijuana patients are eschewing smoking in favor of vaporization. One of the main reasons they’re making the switch is that vaporization delivers the same, if...

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The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis

ABOUT USADVERTISECONTACT Cannabis Now Magazine HOMESUBSCRIBENEWSCANNABISGROWREVIEWS Home / Reviews / Books / The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to CannabisBy K. Richards on June 18, 2014 the-pot-book “The Pot Book: A Complete Guide...

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Study: Cannabidiol May Improve Sleep In Parkinson’s

An ingredient in marijuana may help Parkinson’s disease sufferers overcome sleep problems, a new study has found. In a small 6-week case series, investigators from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil administered cannabidiol (CBD) to four patients with Parkinson’s disease who also showed...

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Medical marijuana companies find creative ways to stand out

When Chuck Rifici and his business partners set out to promote their startup, they didn’t buy advertising. Instead, they took the company public. It was an unconventional move, but Mr. Rifici’s company isn’t exactly a conventional one. Tweed Marijuana is one of Canada’s new...

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Delta approves its first medical marijuana facility

Delta council has given conditional approval to an industrial-scale medical marijuana grow operation, the first of its kind to be approved under Delta's new stringent zoning regulations. The approval of the application by International Herbs Medical Marijuana Ltd. was granted following a public hearing...

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It’s time to start using the M-word

In many ways, Marion Albaum of Toronto, 38, is your typical Canadian mom. She cheers at her son’s minor league hockey games and creates brightly coloured cakes for her daughter’s sleepover parties. Photos of anniversary dinners and birthdays plaster her Facebook page. Not pictured are...

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