Farm Assists raid garners sympathy from marijuana activists

Farm Assists raid garners sympathy from marijuana activists

Marijuana activists in other parts of the country are voicing their support for the owners of a Halifax medical marijuana lounge that police raided on Friday.Farm Assists on Gottigen Street, Halifax’s first medical marijuana lounge, was set up for licensed users to inhale vaporized marijuana.Police raided the shop and seized marijuana and a large volume of cash on Friday. The lounge raid was just one of three sweeps that day. Police say they were all connected.The news quickly spread to cannabis activists across the country, including medical marijuana dispenser Dana Larsen in Vancouver.”It’s very unfortunate that the police there want to make taking medicine away from sick and dying people a top priority,” he said.”You know here in Vancouver, we have over 40 medical cannabis dispensaries providing medicine for thousands and thousands of patients.”Police charged three people as a result of the raids, including store owner Christopher Enns. He and his fiancée Sherri Reeve face drug trafficking charges.Police also seized hundreds of marijuana plants from a secluded warehouse in East Chezzetcook, tucked away in the Eastern Shore Industrial Park.They also seized more drugs and cash from a house just down the road.Sources tell CBC News it was the home of Enns and Reeve.”I really feel the people of Halifax would probably rather see their tax dollars go to the police enforcing real crimes rather than coming after people who need marijuana for medicine,” said Larsen.Enns told CBC he has a medical marijuana licence. Health Canada, the regulator of medical marijuana, says storefronts and dispensaries that distribute cannabis are illegal, adding it’s up to local authorities to deal with stores that distribute marijuana.Halifax Regional Police say anyone who sells marijuana, including at a marijuana lounge, is breaking the law.Enns, 29, and Reeve, 47, remain in police custody this weekend. They’re expected to make a court appearance on Monday.Source:

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