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We are committed to providing the best care and attention to our community by helping them leverage all the benefits of medical marijuana legally.

Our team at MedicalMarijuana.ca is committed to our community. We are a group of patients, doctors and growers passionate about driving the notion that medical marijuana should be readily available to all Canadians in need through the best and most compassionate means.

We want our community to receive prompt, excellent service, an abundance of care, understanding and quality product we’re proud to put our stamp of approval on.

We look forward to working with patients across Canada to be the most comprehensive and effective gathering place for people to share in the common interest of using medical marijuana to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Please note that we are NOT a compassion club or dispensary as they are not sanctioned by Health Canada.

Medicalmarijuana.ca has been noted as a national reference resource for medical cannabis by the Canadian AIDS Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, doctors, hospice workers, health professionals and patients from across Canada and around the world.

We are people like you who believe we all should have the choice to use medical marijuana, especially to help alleviate health problems. We are responsible to you, our community.

A note from Chad Clelland, Director of Online and Community Relations

In 2009 I took this site over from Eric Nash and Wendy Little. At the time I was a new face on the medical marijuana scene. Living on Vancouver Island off and on for the last 25 years has given me the ability to watch this much needed program mature. Eric and Wendy were pioneers in the industry, setting a very high professional standard. MedicalMarijuana.ca will continue on the successful path they started and take it in a direction that will make them proud.

Over the years, family members and close friends have suffered from various forms of cancer and other debilitating medical conditions. My father Ernie lost his battle to Esophageal Cancer, my grandmother Eve to Cervical Cancer and my grandmother Rusty to Lung Cancer. My best friend Kenny lost his 6 year battle to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, my Aunt has had a breast and all of her lymph nodes removed and I have lost a few co-workers from different forms of cancer. I even lost my cat Tasha to Feline Leukaemia. Aside from Cancer I have watched many other family members suffer from Lupus, severe IBS, hepatitis C and unfortunately even HIV.

Being there every step of the way has engrained my sense of compassion and understanding. My family is a normal Canadian family that has been affected by illness, just like yours. Not everyone I have lost or known has tried medical marijuana, but it should be an accessible option for their treatment and quality of life. It is my hope that Health Canada and this country’s doctors become further educated and understanding to the benefits of medical marijuana and start improving Canadians’ quality of life when it is needed, not six months later.

If medical marijuana is what works for you, then MedicalMarijuana.ca will help you get legal and find a safe supply. This is my vision for MedicalMarijuana.ca and the community it’s designed to help. MedicalMarijuana.ca fully supports the mandate of Health Canada’s Marihuana Medical Access Program that intends to provide legal and safe medical marijuana to patients, allowing them to feel better and live pain and side-effect free lives. MedicalMarijuana.ca hopes to see patients obtain their medication quicker and more of Canadian doctors informed and open-minded to medical marijuana’s benefits.

Chad Clelland
Federal Exemptee
Director of Online and Community Relations

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