Ancient column and ruins of Temple of Apollo in Delphi, GreeceThroughout history different cultures have recorded use of marijuana as medicine. Governing bodies across the globe have had a difficult time deciding whether or not it should be legally available to citizens. It has long been used as a medicine in India, China, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and South America.

Today, more and more people are discovering new ways to use the cannabis plant for its unique medical properties.

Here are some key dates:

  • A native of central Asia, cannabis may have been cultivated as long as ten thousand years ago. It was certainly cultivated in China by 6000 B.C.
  • In 4000 B.C. in China there is evidence that hemp was used in the making of textiles – actual hemp fibers are discovered.
  • Around 3000 B.C. there is evidence cannabis was first used in Chinese medicine.
  • 500 B.C. Europeans catch on and the plant is introduced. Probably in the northern part of the continent.
  • 1840 In America, medicinal preparations with a Cannabis base are available. Hashish is available in Persian pharmacies.
  • In the early 1900s in the US the Pure Food and Drug Act is passed, regulating the labeling of products containing Alcohol, Opiates, Cocaine, and Cannabis, among others.
  • In the 20s and 30s in all parts of the world restrictions are put on the use of cannabis including making it illegal in China and the U.S.
  • In the early 70s Nixon appoints a commission to legalize cannabis, but nothing comes of it. It remains illegal.
  • 1975 a “Compassionate Use” program is set up in the US.
  • Throughout the 90s and early 21st century the U.S. and Britain try to establish lower penalties.
  • Around 2001 Canada is the first country to offer medical marijuana to those in need.
  • Today, there are almost 10,000 people in Health Canada’s MMAR program.


Source: Wikipedia

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