Medical Marijuana Sought For B.C. Child With Epilepsy

When a retired police officer from Summerland, B.C., left his job after 25 years, he hardly imagined fighting for his little granddaughter to be given marijuana. Chris Nuessler, along with his wife Elaine, wants Canada to allow two-year-old Kyla Williams to be given a...

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Quebec Doctors Told Not To Prescribe Cannabis, Despite New Laws

The Quebec College of Physicians is warning its members not to prescribe medical marijuana, despite new federal laws that put doctors in charge of authorizing the treatment. Earlier this month, the provincial doctors association introduced guidelines that effectively prevent physicians in Quebec from participating...

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Top 6 ways Health Canada is screwing up medical marijuana

There’s a reason patients call it “Hellth Canada,” and it’s not because they’re doing a hell of a job. Health Canada has been running Canada’s medical marijuana program from the beginning, and they’re really bad at it! Here’s the top 6 ways they’ve...

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After the Injunction: Catching Up with John Conroy

Last month, a Canadian federal court granted an injunction against a ban on patient medical marijuana cultivation and designated growers under new federal regulations. It has been a tumultuous ride for more than 40,000 federally recognized medical marijuana patients, and it doesn't seem like...

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Discovery sheds new light on marijuana’s anxiety relief effects

An international group led by Vanderbilt University researchers has found cannabinoid receptors, through which marijuana exerts its effects, in a key emotional hub in the brain involved in regulating anxiety and the flight-or-fight response. This is the first time cannabinoid receptors have been identified...

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Medical marijuana eases some MS symptoms, neurologists report

There is strong evidence that medical marijuana pills may reduce symptoms of spasticity and pain reported by multiple sclerosis patients, but little proof that smoking pot offers the same benefit, according to new alternative treatment guidelines released by the American Academy of Neurology. The...

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