Canada takes a back seat to US in relaxing marijuana laws: study

Canada takes a back seat to US in relaxing marijuana laws: study

There’s more evidence Canada has taken a back seat to America when it comes to relaxing marijuana laws. More than a year after voters okayed recreational pot use in Washington and Colorado, a poll out of the US shows three-quarters of Americans think the drug will eventually be legalized nationwide.Pew Research Center says both supporters and opponents of legalization believe pot becoming legal is inevitable in that country. Local activist, Jodie Emery says for Canada, there is a lot of work to do to get to legalization. She says the drug war began in the US, and it has to end there first. “We’ve seen Obama already allowing some medical research and allowing the states who have legalized it to continue with that, so he is softening the drug war in many ways.” Emery adds legalization will happen in Canada, but only after the Conservative government is gone. “They will not allow it to happen even while countries all around the world begin to legalize it,” she says. Emery adds this apparently wide-spread opinion of inevitability south of the border will increase the pressure on Canada to legalize pot. “There’s a lot of pressure to legalize in Canada because the world is changing their policy all around us. Everybody knows that the United States has been legalizing and modernizing their laws for many years now, while Canada has been going backwards.” The survey also suggests many Americans are concerned about drug abuse, with 32 per cent of respondents calling it a crisis, and 55 per cent seeing it as a serious national problem. 54 per cent think if pot was legal, more underage people would try it. Among other results of the poll: 39 per cent of respondents say marijuana should be legal for personal use by adults. 44 per cent think it should only be legal for those using it for medicinal purposes, and 16 per cent say it shouldn’t be legal at all.Source:

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