New medical marijuana rules put Elliot Lake man out of joint

New medical marijuana rules put Elliot Lake man out of joint

An Elliot Lake man who says he’s been turned down by every doctor in the city says new rules for medical marijuana are making it unnecessarily hard for those legitimate users trying to access the drug.Since April, patients must now obtain prescriptions for medical marijuana from doctors, rather than Health Canada — and Gavin Harrington, who said he lives with arthritis and has chronic pain, said he’s been turned down for a prescription by every doctor in town.The president-elect of the Canadian Medical Association said most doctors aren’t comfortable prescribing medical marijuana. â€œIt’s not a stand that we take on a moral, or ethical, or prudish sort of ground,” Chris Simpson said.“It’s simply on a scientific basis that we’re urging caution.”Harrington said he’s frustrated he’s being prevented from accessing marijuana legally.“You know, I’m not a kid anymore. I’m 53 and I’m trying to access [medical marijuana by] going through the proper channel.”But Simpson reiterated the CMA recommends doctors don’t prescribe marijuana, because they’re concerned about the lack of evidence that it works.”Now doctors have been thrust into the role of [having to authorize or deny] a substance which we don’t have any sense as to the safety or efficacy,” he said.In the meantime, Harrington said he wants Health Canada to provide a list of doctors who are willing to write a prescription.Source:

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