Report calls for decriminalizing both hard and soft drugs

The personal use of illegal drugs, including heroin and crack cocaine, should be decriminalized as part of a federal-provincial strategy to tackle drug abuse, a B.C.-based national coalition of drug policy experts argue. In a report to be released Thursday, the coalition denounces the...

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Medicinal pot patients risk safety in search of weed

Medicinal marijuana users say the closure of a Halifax dispensing club continues to be a big problem as prescription holders put their safety at risk seeking alternative, illegal sources for their pot. In March, police raided the Halifax Compassionate Club in Porter’s Lake, N.S.,...

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Court case can expand debate on medical marijuana

Langley Mayor Peter Fassbender, three Councillors, the city administrator and the top local cop have been subpoenaed to testify at the criminal trial of a medical marijuana retailer. Lawyer Kirk Tousaw wants to grill the civic and police leaders about why they raided a...

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What is the best and healthiest way to produce cannabis oil?

Concentrated cannabis extracts, also known as Cannabis oils because of their sticky and viscous appearance, are increasingly mentioned by self-medicating patients as a cure for cancer. In general, preparation methods for Cannabis oil are relatively simple and do not require particular instruments. The purpose of...

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Abuses Prompt Ottawa to Overhaul Medical Marijuana Program

The arrest of 12 people who fraudulently obtained licences to grow medical marijuana has highlighted loopholes in the Marijuana Medical Access Program that the government is attempting to address—to the concern of many authorized users of the program. Police arrested the 12 individuals in...

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B.C. council moves to regulate marijuana growth

A metro Vancouver district council is moving to nip a problem in the bud by regulating where medical marijuana can be grown. A newly drafted Maple Ridge, B.C., bylaw proposes that commercial medical marijuana production be permitted only in agricultural zones in an effort...

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