Nunavut is medical marijuana ready

Nunavut’s health department says nobody in the territory is currently prescribed legal medical marijuana, but there’s no policy against it. Medical marijuana is available everywhere in Canada under the federal government's "marijuana medical access program." Whether to write a prescription is up to each...

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Concerns raised about medical marijuana zoning in Abbotsford

Prospective medical marijuana producers are concerned a proposed prohibition on legal grow-ops in Abbotsford will halt their plans to run legitimate businesses. By April 2014, new regulations from Health Canada will end private home grow-ops for medical marijuana and allow for larger-scale commercial operations...

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Who’s afraid of the big, bad weed? Canada

Well, British Columbia, it looks like you’ll be hiding your joints for a while yet. In the foreseeable future, otherwise law-abiding citizens will be forced to huddle around basement bongs, away from the prying eyes of the police. Suburban moms and dads will continue lurking...

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Justin Trudeau, Peter MacKay trade barbs over marijuana

Lack of legal aid, overcrowded courts and victims rights are all serious issues facing Canada's justice system, but Justice Minister Peter MacKay upstaged those troubles Thursday with a tirade against Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. Just as a news conference was ending at a meeting...

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Is medical marijuana safe for kids?

At 16 months old, Gwenevere Repetski cannot walk or say “mama” and “dada.” Her father, Alexander Repetski, hopes that cannabidiol (CBD) – an ingredient in medical marijuana – will help Gwenevere recover from infantile spasms, a rare form of epilepsy that has delayed her...

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New medical marijuana rule about to face lawsuit

Long-time Fraser Valley marijuana crusader John Conroy is finalizing a lawsuit accusing Ottawa of infringing on the rights of medical pot users and growers. He and a handful of other lawyers working on the lawsuit to be filed in Federal Court within weeks have...

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