Workers compensation claim seeks medical marijuana

It would be easier on Danny Auger’s already thin wallet if he just took a prescribed painkiller to deal with the chronic pain he suffers from nerve damage, due to a horrific 2009 construction accident that almost completely severed one arm. He is able...

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Valley Mayors Divided On Decriminalizing Marijuana

The Comox Valley's three mayors have weighed in on where they stand on the decriminalization of marijuana, and as it turns out, they don't all agree. While Comox mayor Paul Ives and Cumberland mayor Leslie Bates support (to varying degrees) the decriminalization of marijuana, Courtenay...

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Marijuana Back On The Table At City Council

Taylor wants council to join in with the other B.C. municipalities, now over 13 of a possible 160 and growing, in the Stop the Violence campaign. The campaign asks provincial party leaders to pressure the Canadian government for a shift in attitude in drug policy....

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