No medicinal grow-ups on agriculture land

What’s worse — pot or pig farm? That’s the question Kamloops councillors found themselves debating this week after Coun. Tina Lange tried to have medical marijuana grow-ops made a permitted use on agricultural lands. Since November of last year, the city has been...

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Growing interest in hemp production

The amount of hemp being grown in Canada is rising with Alberta leading the way. Industrial hemp a multi-purpose crop. Farmers need to be licensed by Health Canada before to grow it. “I started growing hemp about six years ago with the interest...

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Any Canadian province could decriminalize marijuana

Did you know that BC can decriminalize marijuana? Indeed, any Canadian province could decriminalize marijuana possession at any time. Provinces have all kinds of legal options when it comes to dealing with possession of marijuana. We know what the RCMP’s preferred option is:...

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Keep farmland free of medical pot growing: Chilliwack

The recent push from B.C. cities to ensure medical marijuana is grown in industrial zones, and not on farmland, stemmed from a motion first passed by Chilliwack city council. Federal authorities are now gearing up to remove medical pot growing from residential areas for...

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