Compassion Clubs

June 7, 2010 - Health Canada recently made an important announcement regarding compassion clubs.

It is important for you to know that the clubs are NOT LEGAL in Canada. Their status and their potential role in the distribution of medicinal cannabis are still being debated. They are NOT part of the federal medical cannabis program.

In Canada, there are clubs that provide a variety of strains of cannabis, as well as other cannabis products such as baked goods and other edibles, tinctures, oils, concentrates, capsules, and sprays, as well as organic* (not certified organic) cannabis.

These clubs are referred to as compassion clubs, cannabis clubs, or buyers’ clubs. They vary in size, organizational structure and the services they provide. Some clubs are very well established and are registered as not-for-profit societies.

The people who run clubs are usually quite knowledgeable about the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Some clubs have developed standards of operations by which they self-regulate, though at this time there are no uniform standards by which all clubs operate.

These clubs usually require membership, which you obtain by filling out a quick form to fill out and getting your doctor to sign it, or providing a letter from your doctor to confirm your diagnosis. There are not many clubs and providers in Canada. Please visit the

Canadian Aids Society

  • A note on organic cannabis: Some of you may be seeking an organic source of cannabis. Currently there is no certified organic cannabis available to authorized persons in Canada. The government’s cannabis is gamma-irradiated for safety purposes, to ensure no harmful mould spores are present.

Source: Canadian AIDS Society

As you know safety is important to us. Please ensure your cannabis is safe, ask these important questions of your suppliers:

  • Is your product from a Health Canada approved facility?
  • Is your marijuana from an unlicensed illegal grow operation?
  • Were pesticides, herbicides or insecticides used?
  • Is it free of toxins and contaminants?
  • How was the marijuana cultivated?
  • Where was it grown?
  • Is it dried, cured and stored properly
  • Were consistent crop production standards applied?
  • Who handled the marijuana?
  • Is it clean and safe?
  • Has it been inspected for quality assurance?
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