Medical cannabis tax ‘hurting patients,’ advocate says

TORONTO - Cannabis industry players welcomed the change in the Federal Budget to tax edibles, extracts, oils and concentrates based on the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol rather than weight, as it could ease pricing for some products and potentially boost product availability. However, licensed producers and a...

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New cannabis-amnesty bill could pardon 10,000 people, Ottawa says

Ottawa estimates roughly 10,000 Canadians will apply to get free pardons for their cannabis-possession convictions if the government passes a bill that gives redress to those left with criminal records from the decades of prohibition of the drug. Scott Bardsley, spokesman for the Public Safety Minister,...

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What you need to know to start a legal cannabis grow-op

N.W.T. man working to open cannabis processing facility; CBC examined what he's up against If Yellowknife's Jordan Harker is successful in his quest to get a licence to produce cannabis, he'll become one of the first people to enter the industry in the Northwest Territories, if...

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Why edibles feel different from smoking cannabis

Edibles take longer to kick in than smoked cannabis — one reason why people sometimes take too much by accident. The effects also last longer. But there are chemical reasons why the high is often experienced differently, a B.C. cannabis breeder explains. Read More...

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