Application Support & Submission has been assisting applicants with their ACMPR application since the MMPR came into affect in 2013. All applications have been successful and are at various stages in Health Canada’s application process.

To get started on your application, it is required that key personnel; with a maximum of three individuals from your organization attend a two-day workshop in Whistler, BC. The cost of travel and lodging is not covered in our service agreement and is an additional expense.

During our two-day workshop, we will work through all sections of the application and will start to build your business plan. You will leave with a clear understanding of the size of your facility, cost and revenue projections, your security level that you will build your site to, quality assurance requirements, security clearance requirements, record keeping standards and patient acquisition strategies.

Following the consultation, our team will lead the project to completion and submission to Health Canada. You can expect a timeline of approximately 4 months from the time we start the workshop to the submission date to Health Canada’s Office of Medical Cannabis.

If would like to reserve space to start application, please click here.

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