Honey – Magic Butter Machine

Directions 1. Heat your oven to 250 degrees F 2. Place your botanicals in a baking (rotisserie) bag 3. Roll the bag up to get as much air out of it as possible 4. Close the bag tightly and do not put holes in it...


Directions: Thoroughly dry and grind 4 grams of cannabis. Bake the plant matter at 240 degrees in an oven-safe dish for 20-30 minutes to decarboxylate it. Submerge the plant matter in 2 ounces of high-proof alcohol, stir, and cover tightly so that the evapora

Olive Oil

Use this canna oil in any recipe.

Coconut Oil

Delicious by itself on in any recipe requiring oil.

Almond Milk

Medicate with this delicious almond milk! Substitute for normal milk in any recipe.

Canna Flour

Substitute normal flour with this cannabis infused flour in any recipe!

Canna Butter

Use this canna butter in your baking to stay medicated throughout the day!

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