Using Marijuana

Although smoking is thought to be the most common form of ingestion, there are many alternatives to smoking your daily marijuana supply. Some common, healthy alternatives to smoking are: vaporizing, cooking & baking, baking tinctures, sprays and extracts.


Marijuana infused butter can allow controlled doses throughout the day without anyone around you knowing you are using marijuana. Instead of going straight into your blood stream from your lungs it is released slower and has more of a calming body stone instead of the heady high.

We have some great baking videos by Watermelon that will get you started in your cannabis baking education.


Try steeping your favorite tea with some marijuana in it, don’t put in too much the first time as it can give you a different effect than what you are used to. If you steep the tea with milk or cream in it it helps extract the medicinal properties more efficiently.

Olive Oil

You can infuse olive oil and put the strained remains in a jell cap. You measure them by the drops you put in and have some pill with more drops than others for bad pain days or to help you to sleep.


Rather than burning the herb, a vaporizer heats the material in a partial vacuum so the active compounds contained in the plant boil off into a vapor without releasing carcinogens, tar or any other harmful properties. You can breathe in the non-toxic vapor without taste or smell of smoke.

Other Interesting Information

The effects of smoking may bring on relief faster, but using other ingestion methods may ensure the relief comes on slower, is with you longer and affect you in a completely different way. It will generally affect your muscles, joints, and back in a more calming manner - it doesn't just go right to your head, it goes to the place in the body that needs the healing. By ingesting through teas or cookies for example you can give yourself controlled doses throughout the day to manage your pain levels.

There are large pharmaceutical companies that see the benefits of marijuana and are trying to extract and develop different prescriptions - some make thc pills, some make sativa sprays - however many of the healing properties are lost by processing the plant. We believe using the whole plant so the cannabinoid, turpene and essential oil profiles of that strain are not compromised.

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