Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where will I obtain my medication from after March 31, 2014?

You will be able to choose from your choice of approved Licensed Commercial Producers (LCP). Newly approved producers are added as Health Canada approves them. You can find the complete list of licensed producers at the following link:

2. What will the cost of my medication be with a Licensed Commercial Producer?

Each producer will be setting their own pricing. Patients can expect to spend about $7-$12 per gram. Several licensed commercial producers do have compassionate pricing models for patients receiving disability or assistance payments.

3. Is my authorization to possess still good after March 31, 2014?

On March 31, 2014, all ATPs (and licenses to produce) issued under the MMAR expire and will no longer provide individuals authority to possess marihuana. As of April 1, 2014, the only legal means to access to marihuana for medical purposes will be through licensed producers.

4. How often will I need to see the doctor to keep my prescription?

The physician that signs your medical document has the ability to set the validity for any period of time within one year. Our physician here at Greenleaf Medical will on average sign a medical document for one year.

5. Is there a limit on how high my prescription can be?

No, there is no limit on what your prescription amount can be. There is however, a limit on how much you can carry with you of 150g. You will be able to order from your LCP more than once a month to fulfill your prescription amount. The physician within the Greenleaf Medical Clinic does not sign prescriptions for over 5 grams per day.

6. Once I am registered with an LCP, what is my proof of authority to possess marijuana?

Your proof of authority to possess will either be the label on the packaging or a separate document accompanying the shipment of dried marihuana from the licensed producer. Patients are NOT given I.D cards from the Federal Government.

7. Will the strain I'm currently using be available?

Each LCP will carry different strains. You will be able to look at all LCP's and what their products are before choosing to register with one particular LCP.

8. Can I travel with my prescription?

You may travel with your medication within Canada. You are allowed to carry with you your daily limit x 30 not to exceed 150g.

For air travel it is recommended that you check with the airline. You CANNOT travel outside of Canada with your prescription.

9. Do I physically have to go to the LCP to pick up my medication?

No. Storefront locations are not allowed with the new regulations. All patients will receive their medication by courier only.

10. How do I know what strain I need?

In some cases your physician may be able to give you guidance on which strains will work for you with your condition. If you need guidance with choosing a strain that will work for you, the team at and Greenleaf Medical Clinic can assist you with which strains will be best for you and your needs. Your licensed producer will be able to give you guidance on which of their strains will work for you, but will be unable to assist you with what other licensed producers are carrying.

11. How do I know what producer to purchase medication from?

Each producer will have their products listed on their website. You will be able to phone them to ask questions in regards to their specific strains. The staff at the Greenleaf Medical Clinic and will be able book a one on one consultation with you to help you with the decision of which producer will be best for you.

12. What if I am not happy with my medication?

Each licensed producer will have their own process and policies on returns. You will need to speak with your licensed producer when you are unhappy with medication.

13. What do I do if I am travelling for 10 days within Canada and my medication needs for the duration are greater than 150 grams? Can my licensed producer ship me my medication to an address where I am travelling?

Unfortunately, your licensed producer is only able to ship to your address that was used for registration. If you will be travelling for longer than the time they are allowed to ship, you must wait until you are back home to make another shipment.

14. Is my medication covered by any Health Care provider?

Medication is not currently covered by any Federal, Provincial or private health insurance. The only body who covers the cost of medical marijuana is Veterans Affairs of Canada. You can write off the cost of your medication as a medical expense when doing your taxes with valid receipts.

15. What happens if I have an adverse reaction from my medication?

If you have a serious adverse reaction from your medication, you should seek medical assistance and notify your Licensed Commercial Producer as soon as possible.

16. What happens if my medication is confiscated during shipping?

You should contact your licensed producer immediately.

17. What if I don't want my medication shipped directly to me? Is it possible to have it shipped to my doctor's office and I can pick it up there?

Yes, your physician is able to receive medication on your behalf with your physicians' written consent.

18. Can I sell my plants to a licensed producer?

Yes. If you hold a valid license to produce issued under the Marihuana Medical Access Program, you may provide starting materials (plants, seeds or clippings) to a licensed producer. To do so, you must submit an application to Health Canada. If you hold a Designated-Person Production License, the consent of the authorized individual will be required. If you produce for more than one person, you will need to submit this information for each person. Once the application is received, Health Canada will verify the information. If all of the information is valid, a notice will be sent to the license holder, the authorization holder(s) (if applicable) and the licensed producer authorizing the transfer of materials. All Personal-Use Production License or a Designated-Person Production License expire no later than March 31, 2014, so this is the last day this type of transfer may take place.

19. I grow my own and will have inventory of my medication after March 31, 2014. What do I do with my medication?

All excess medication that you have on hand April 1, 2014 must be destroyed.

20. Can I purchase edibles from a producer?

Licensed producers can only provide dried marihuana. Other forms of marihuana, such as edibles or oils, are not permitted to be sold by licensed producers under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations

21. Why is marijuana spelt 'marihuana' on your website?

The common way to spell marijuana is with a “j” – however, the legal name and the way it is used under the MMPR program is with an “h”. You often see the two spellings due to this.

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