Can I sell my plants to a licensed producer?

Can I sell my plants to a licensed producer?

Yes. If you hold a valid license to produce issued under the Marihuana Medical Access Program, you may provide starting materials (plants, seeds or clippings) to a licensed producer. To do so, you must submit an application to Health Canada. If you hold a Designated-Person Production License, the consent of the authorized individual will be required. If you produce for more than one person, you will need to submit this information for each person. Once the application is received, Health Canada will verify the information. If all of the information is valid, a notice will be sent to the license holder, the authorization holder(s) (if applicable) and the licensed producer authorizing the transfer of materials. All Personal-Use Production License or a Designated-Person Production License expire no later than March 31, 2014, so this is the last day this type of transfer may take place.

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