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The collateral damage of legalizing marijuana

Last Thursday, the federal government unveiled its long-anticipated legislation to legalize cannabis. We heard that cannabis will be strictly regulated and kept away from children and criminals. But we didn’t hear how the government will address Canada’s international legal obligations under the UN drug control...

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Marijuana bill: a solid framework for a nascent industry

While Canada’s strict medical cannabis regime – the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) – will remain in place for now, the legislation envisions the rise of a diverse and intricately regulated recreational cannabis industry forged from the contributions of multiple levels of...

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What Pot Legalization Could Mean for Toronto

In the next week or so, the federal government is expected to announce plans to table legislation that will establish a framework for the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada. For Toronto’s unregulated weed market, however, there are still many lingering questions. Here are some...

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How high will the price of legal pot be?

The federal government has said it time and time again: marijuana legalization is meant to snuff out the black market and keep profits out of the hands of criminals. How high will the price of legal pot be?...

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Pot legalization: What will it mean for schools?

The revelation that the federal government will legalize marijuana in Canada by July 1, 2018, has sparked a flurry of speculation about possible implications. But those imagining a disastrous Canada-wide increase in high school students showing up stoned in classrooms need not worry, school boards...

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