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"Thank you very much. It’s so relieving to know that I can go about this in a legal way, and to not have to go out in public to get some relief. I like this to be private and this just makes it so much easier for me to have an ordinary life, I appreciate it very much, you’ve been wonderful."
- Megan, Ontario, Category 2 Applicant

"So glad I found your website. We’re lucky to have other options than Health Canada’s supply. Thanks for your help and time."
- Lydia, Ontario, Category 2 Applicant

"I have reviewed your entire website and I am very impressed with not only the format but your excellent customer service throughout this process and believe me I am grateful. I appreciate what your organization does."
- Thomas, British Columbia, Category 1 Applicant

"You are Absolutely amazing. Thank-you so much for this service, I have personally seen 8 doctors in my area with no assistance like yours."
- Steve, Nova Scotia, Category 2 Applicant

"Thank you so much for all your help and assistance, and for always reassuring me that you are still there to help. My humblest gratitude for being with me on this journey. It makes all the difference."
- Emily, Ontario, Category 2 Applicant

"Thank you so much and you have no idea how helpful you’ve been to me. I really do appreciate the time you’ve taken to help me with my application."
- Mark, Nova Scotia, Category 2 Applicant

"My gratitude towards you guys and for connecting me to my grower, thank you again for your help."
- Brandon, British Columbia, Category 1 Applicant

"I am a big believer in self education, and have enjoyed the chance to network with a knowledgeable, caring team of professionals such as yourselves."
- Jeff, Ontario, Category 2 Applicant

"I would like to thank you for your support in this matter, people like you are a testament to where the medical community has come and where it is going."
- Sean, Category 2 Applicant

"You guys aren’t just changing my life for the better – by this point, you’re pretty much saving it, and I have zero idea how I can repay you. Thank you so much for your help."
- Charles, Category 1 Applicant

"I chose to get legal through MedicalMarijuana.ca because it seemed the most efficient website to apply, and efficient to be associated with. I proceeded because I believe that cannabis has great therapeutic properties to the conditions, and disease that has now became a regular attribute to my every day life. MedicalMarijuana.ca’s website has made me more positive on the subject, and their team has helped me in every step possible so far. I would tell any other person who has to suffer the many conditions and diseases that I have been tragically diagnosed with to seek assistance with MedicalMarijuana.ca. I Thank them so much they have been a great help to me."
- Kevin, Ontario, Category 2 Applicant

"I have to tell you I honestly came to tears this morning reading your email. Finally someone that can understand my pain and someone that is willing to help me get the help I need. You are like my prayers answered. I really need to thank you for all your help I feel like I finally may get the help I need."
- Patrick, Alberta, Category 2 Applicant

"I would like to voice my gratitude for all the help that I received. Words cannot express all that I feel. Now I no longer have to take pharmaceuticals that do not work for me. I am first nations and to me this is a medicine that works very well. Thank you all so much, your medical team is the best and most professional! I love you for that"
- Clarissa, British Columbia, Category 1 Applicant

"Hi Fonda and Greenleaf 

I just received my first package this week and am very happy. I definitely notice the difference from street grade and your excellent strain suggestions Fonda and cant thank you enough. Your very knowledgeable and helpful in the field and you helped me with picking tweed which feels excellent to this point. 
Thanks again for helping me and Im so grateful for all that you have done for me."
- Brian, Ontario, Greenleaf Medical Clinic patient 

Names have been changed to protect patients' identities but their comments have not been altered from their original form.

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