10-month jail sentence for cannabis crime ‘shocking’: lawyers

10-month jail sentence for cannabis crime ‘shocking’: lawyers

Three criminal defence lawyers who focus on cannabis cases say they’re dismayed at the 10-month jail sentence recently imposed by a Manitoba judge on a man caught with 86.3 grams of marijuana.

Rodney Clayton Felix, 31, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis for the purpose of distribution — a new offence under the federal Cannabis Act that took effect last October.

“Ten months is a very long time for a non-violent drug offence, especially given that the particular drug has just been legalized,” said Caryma Sa’d, who practices law in Toronto.

Sa’d is worried the sentence from provincial court Judge Dale Schille “sets the bar very high” for future convictions.

“Past judgments affect future decisions… If this sentence isn’t appealed, it’s going to be a reference point for future cases,” she said Wednesday.

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