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This Court Case Could Give Canadians The Right To Grow Cannabis At Home   -   February 04, 2016 By James McClure Every day, lawyer and cannabis advocate Kirk Tousaw checks his email first thing in the morning, hoping for news that he and thousands of medical marijuana patients across Canada have waited for...   read more

Infographic: Marijuana Lessons For Canada From Holland, Portugal, U.S.   -   When it comes to legalizing marijuana, Canada isn’t sailing entirely into the unknown. A number of countries and U.S. states have experimented with loose pot policies (if not outright decriminalization), and these places offer potential models and lessons for Canada. ...   read more

Ontario public health unit issues resolution on legalizing marijuana   -   An Ontario public health unit is getting ahead of federal promises to legalize marijuana by issuing resolutions on how to regulate the drug. ...   read more

‘Canada’s largest’ pot vaping lounge opens in Windsor for medical marijuana users   -   The people behind the new vaping lounge in downtown Windsor say it’s not just about providing a place for medical marijuana users to toke up — it’s about clearing the air when it comes to pot....   read more

Licensed cannabis oil too scarce, expensive for medical users   -   Every two months, Chris Skidmore crushes about half a kilogram of dried marijuana, soaks it in isopropyl alcohol, then strains the liquid through a coffee filter and into a rice cooker to burn off the remaining fumes – creating his...   read more

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Marijuana Calculator

To accurately measure the quantity of marijuana your MMAR cultivation and possession allowance permits, use this handy calculator to ensure you are growing the correct quantity to meet your growing license limits. Enter your daily gram prescription and let the calculator do the rest.

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Outdoor Plants:
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