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Medical marijuana landmark charter case has pot growers on edge   -   Shawn Davey won’t leave home without his driftwood walking stick, glasses and pocket vaporizer loaded with marijuana. The 38 year-old former custom-car builder says he experiences numbness on his left side, gaps in short-term memory and chronic body pain – all...   read more

Constitutional challenge of Canada’s medical marijuana laws begins in Vancouver   -   A constitutional challenge of Canada’s new medical marijuana laws will hear from marijuana law experts from Holland, Israel and the U.S. when it begins Monday in Vancouver. The expert witnesses will include Robert Mikos, a law professor at Vanderbilt University in...   read more

Police chief says there are no grey areas in pot dispensary laws   -   Parksville's chief of police Brian Hunter attempted to clear the haze around medical marijuana in a speech to Parksville and District Chamber of Commerce members Thursday at The Bayside. "There's nothing grey out there," Hunter said of medical marijuana regulations. However, he...   read more

Canadian Licensed producers of marijuana to benefit from cost accounting court battle   -   In a Vancouver courtroom on February 23, 2015 at 9:30 AM PST, the entire Canadian cannabiz industry and 40,000 licensed medical marijuana users, will hold their collective breath as four people have put and may still put an entire industry...   read more

Should Vancouver medical marijuana dispensaries be zoned as pharmacies?   -   There are many neighbourhoods in Vancouver where you can’t drive down the street without seeing medical marijuana dispensaries. There are 60 of them in the city of Vancouver alone. However, under federal laws, dispensaries are illegal. When Canada’s marijuana laws changed last...   read more

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To accurately measure the quantity of marijuana your MMAR cultivation and possession allowance permits, use this handy calculator to ensure you are growing the correct quantity to meet your growing license limits. Enter your daily gram prescription and let the calculator do the rest.

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