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Canadian mental health center calls for marijuana legalization   -   The call from CAM-H is one the latest in Canada for the easing of the country's marijuana laws. In a recent policy statement, the director of the center says cannabis should be sold through a government-controlled monopoly and all penalties...   read more

Marijuana and Your Memory   -   Marijuana and memory are connected in a number of ways. It’s no secret that marijuana can affect a person’s memory. In today’s society, the stereotypical marijuana user is often perceived as someone who is forgetful and absent-minded. But what does science say,...   read more

Former MMPR applicants hope to expand access to raw cannabis   -   While extracts and edibles and the associated court cases have been a popular topic lately, extracts aren’t the only complaint tied to problems with a medical program which offers only dried cannabis to patients. The lack of availability of raw cannabis...   read more

Health Canada's Anti-Marijuana Campaign A Study In Contradictions   -   “The science is clear” on the dangers of marijuana, claims a new government ad campaign. But it’s a murky message because when it comes to the medicinal benefits of the drug, the same government also maintains there isn’t enough scientific...   read more

Opposition MPs accuse Conservatives of whitewashing marijuana report   -   The release of a final report on marijuana by the House of Commons health committee has opposition MPs accusing the Conservatives of whitewashing all expert advice that disagrees with the government’s stand. ...   read more

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Marijuana Calculator

To accurately measure the quantity of marijuana your MMAR cultivation and possession allowance permits, use this handy calculator to ensure you are growing the correct quantity to meet your growing license limits. Enter your daily gram prescription and let the calculator do the rest.

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