Mayor John Tory supports decriminalizing marijuana

Mayor John Tory supports decriminalizing marijuana

Toronto Mayor John Tory (open John Tory’s policard) on Monday reiterated his support for cannabis decriminalization as a “positive step forward for Canada” though there are no immediate plans to follow Vancouver’s lead to regulate how pot is sold.Last week, Vancouver became the first city in Canada to approve new rules to license and regulate the dozens of outlets that supply pot to medical marijuana users.Tory said it’s inevitable “that we’re going to have to have some discussion going forward” about the rules governing pot sales. He predicted that marijuana legalization is going to be a major issue in the upcoming federal election campaign.The federal Liberal party has promised to legalize pot if they win the fall election. The NDP supports decriminalization. The federal Conservatives are pro-prohibition, with no plans to legalize or decriminalize marijuana.Meanwhile, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health will conduct a comprehensive review of cannabis policies and report back to the city’s board of health early next year.“There is growing consensus that the current criminalization approach to cannabis is not working,” Councillor Joe Cressy (open Joe Cressy’s policard) wrote to the board on behalf of the Toronto Drug Strategy Implementation Panel, which asked for a report.“We should be looking at a public health approach to better manage the harms of cannabis use.”Cressy chairs the 20-member panel, which includes representatives from parents groups and the Toronto Police Service. The panel provides oversight and advice for implementation of the harm-reduction focused Toronto Drug Strategy, which council endorsed in 2006.Last month, the panel considered a landmark report from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) that supports full legalization and regulation of cannabis.On Monday, Dr. David McKeown told the board of health he will study the public health implications of legalization, regulation and the current criminalized approach in other jurisdictions as well as review existing research.Pot is illegal in Canada except for those who have a prescription. Several American states have legalized it or intend to.Source:

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