Greenleaf Medical Clinic

Greenleaf Medical Clinic

The Greenleaf Medical Clinic assesses patients for their eligibility into Health Canada’s MMAR program. The MMAR (Marihuana Medical Access Regulations) has been in existence since 2001 and provides a legal Federal exemption for patients who find marihuana beneficial for relief of various symptoms. Our physician’s role in the clinic is to assess patient eligibility through chart review and/or discussions with the patient’s primary care physician or specialists. For eligible patients, during their appointment, our physician will complete their Health Canada MMAD consent forms authorizing the patient to use cannabis as medicine. The Greenleaf Medical Clinic in association with assists patients with the completion of the required forms and sends all documentation to Health Canada for approval. The clinic staff and educates the patient on how to obtain marijuana through three clearly defined legal means as set out by Health Canada.

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