For Patients

For Patients

We recognize that every person prescribed, or waiting to be prescribed, medical marijuana is different. Our marijuana friendly doctor and staff are happy to provide professional expertise that will help you better understand your medication and how to effectively use it.

Our services include an appointment with a marijuana friendly doctor either in person or by VSee telemedicine service. The Greenleaf Medical Clinic's staff is a wealth of knowledge into licensed commercial producers (LCP). Our staff will schedule one-on-one bookings with you to make sure you will be receiving the right strain for your condition.

We are confident we can answer all of your questions regarding licensed commercial producers, the application process and how to use your medication. We are happy to introduce you to a community-oriented portal designed to help you feel better and become legal with the medication that works for you.

Find out who is eligible and how to apply

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Marijuana Calculator

To accurately measure the quantity of marijuana your MMAR cultivation and possession allowance permits, use this handy calculator to ensure you are growing the correct quantity to meet your growing license limits. Enter your daily gram prescription and let the calculator do the rest.

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Indoor Plants:
Outdoor Plants:
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