Who is Eligible for Marijuana?

There are people who come into your office every day with conditions that may be treated with medical marijuana. We hope you are willing to listen to them and be open to an alternative to what you might normally prescribe.

A description of the Health Canada regulations regarding who is eligible can be found in our For Patients section.

Here are some very common conditions that are currently being treated with medical marijuana by doctors around this country with Health Canada's approval:

  • Arthritis - analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Asthma - opens up airways in the lungs
  • Cancer - reduces tumors and kills cancer cells
  • Depression - brightens mood
  • Head Injury - may experience the benefit of neuroprotective properties, and speedier recovery times
  • HIV patients - reduces neuropathic pain, improves appetite and sleep
  • Hypertension - lowers blood pressure
  • Chronic pain - acts as a non-opiate, non-addictive pain killer
  • ADD - regulates the effects of the disorder
  • Fibromyalgia - reduces nausea and chronic pain and improves sleep disorders
  • Chemotherapy patients - increases appetite, acts as a pain killer, fights nausea and acts as a great sleeping aid
  • Spinal cord injuries - reduces muscle spasms, improves appetite and relieves chronic pain

NOTE: Due to the carcinogenic nature of smoking marijuana we don't encourage users to smoke it however we do suggest alternative methods such as vaporizers, tinctures, or cooking and baking.

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Marijuana Calculator

To accurately measure the quantity of marijuana your MMAR cultivation and possession allowance permits, use this handy calculator to ensure you are growing the correct quantity to meet your growing license limits. Enter your daily gram prescription and let the calculator do the rest.

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