Sean's Story

First, and foremost, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that working with Chad has been amazing. He has gone above and beyond to help me in this situation and that is no exaggeration. I was a teacher for ten years of my life, before my illness. I was a host teacher for many universities and was asked to be an adjunct professor and teach teachers. The only reason that I write this is to let you know that I feel Chad has a quality and empathy that is rarely seen in people and can never be taught.

What made me decide to become legal is simple:

Like many other Canadians, I ran out of options. Due to the pain that I was in, I was desperate for a bit of relief. My doctors told me that the various pills that they were prescribing were not very effective, even as they were prescribing them in their office. I don’t believe that many people realize the possible size effects of taking a wide variety of prescription drugs each day.

Basically, I was never a marijuana user before I got sick. To be honest, I had issues getting use to smoking it myself (what will the neighbors think, social implications etc.). At the end of the day, it literally did the following for me:

  • It helped me sleep, when I could not sleep due to pain.
  • It helped me to try and control what was, at times uncontrollable vomiting.
  • It enabled me to have more quality time with my children and wife, as I feel better.

Because of the last point, I got over any social implications rather quick. My doctors were all very supportive as well (and I have many doctors).

It was important for me to become legal for the following reasons:

  • I felt that, as a Canadian, I had the right to try medical marijuana as an option.
  • I felt that it was important to become a federal exemptee so that I was able to legally protect myself from prosecution.

At the 2010 Treating Yourself Expo, I met with people from for the first time. I had very little idea what I needed to do to get my federal exemption. Honestly, it can be a very long and drawn-out process for a sick person to go through. I can honestly say that Chad, my contact at, was incredible. The degree of professionalism was top notch.

If someone were to ask about, I would tell them that is the definitive place to go to get information, and find people who are beyond willing to help sick Canadians. They help to take some the frustration out of the application process. I can honestly say that through every step of the process they were excellent.

Sean McConachie

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