Michelle's Story

I spent around 5 years trying to get specialists to fill out my Health Canada forms to become legally licensed to posses medical marijuana. I was on disability for depression and fibromyalgia so being able to afford my medicine off the streets was very challenging. I went to a Lidocaine treatment facility and the pleasant old doctor told me that if marijuana worked for me then I should do whatever it took to get it.

So I made a trade with a bike gang of a monthly amount of Oxycontin for the same in marijuana. It was very dangerous, I got cheated and threatened. At this point my doctor finally began to move on the forms but she was held up by not having the proper resources and information about medical marijuana. Around this time I got charged with 5 grams of marijuana. The police showed up when my 13 year old daughter was home alone with a search warrant, and weapons. They were trying to find a grow op, which they obviously didn't find. Thankfully I didn't end up getting a record, but it was a horrible experience. Finally after 6 months, Health Canada got a doctor working for them to discuss dosages with my doctor and quell her fears.

For my first year, I purchased product from the government that was substandard, irradiated, and an unchanging strain. Being on disability, the Ontario Drug Formulary for Ontario Disability Support Program refuses to cover the costs, though the oxy’s were $2 a month [because they were covered by the program]. So I continued trading the oxy’s for money to pay HC. I have been unable to work, as I have never had the proper amounts, and that is when I researched and got in touch with MedicalMarijuana.ca. The team at MM.ca were so helpful in helping me find a new designated grower. They do background checks on all of their growers to ensure that they are properly skilled and will be professional when dealing with their patient.

I most truly feel blessed to have found MedicalMarijuana.ca and them connecting me to Helen who is just a lovely soul. We are experimenting with strains and are both very enthusiastic about this entire process. Helen even wants to continue as my grower next year too. We are both doing everything by the book as we both have reputations to maintain. She mails the supply the same day each month. I am looking into increasing my dosage beyond the maximum of 5g a day, so I can take my medicine orally. I will be discussing that with my doc soon. I would advise anyone to use your assistance, it truly is life changing.

Thank you so much Chad for being the sort of person to care enough to do this for others. God Bless you, and thank you for everything.

Michelle (Ontario)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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